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Runs great but after I run it for 10 min. The *** shuts off then it will only start if I hold the throttle in and then if I don't keep revving it will just die. Took it back they said the chain was too tight so I took the chain completely off then showed em . They were like must b the gas.... *** u I said I only use high tes. N the mix was spot on. Didn't wanna give ,me $$$ back but they did exchange it...guess what....same *** happened so I... Read more

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Stihl came out with the m-tronic ignition system that they say Quote: "provides optimal performance under varying conditions." This is a bunch of *** ! I have had nothing but problems with this saw. there are not any screws to adjust the carb, i took it to the dealer and was told that's how it is. I told them i would contact stihl and never heard from anyone. Stihl is supposed to be sold at independent servicing dealers and now is every where.... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 09
  • #862679

Never buy one again. Seems many parts that stihl uses are made in china. Good luck getting replacement parts. I picked up a homelite at home depot while i wait for a new carb. The homelite is great.

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  • From mobile
  • May 31
  • #857237

WHAT A JOKE, the ruddiest representative ive ever spoken with. Less than 5 hours on the machine and it stops running, cant be repaired according to Stihl. They claimed a small amount of white dust destroyed the blower, due to improper maintenance. It had 5 hours on it and never blew anything but grass clipping from Sidewalks. Buy anything but Stihl, their absolutely worthless.

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Thought I was making the right choice of spending a little more money, buying from local dealer. Used no more than 5 hours.. stopped running during idle.. seems like company's easy way out is to say ( Fuel Related Problems ) They were of no help .. no warranty. all my other similar small outdoor equipment , 2 cycle rotor tiller.. 2 cycle back pack leaf blower run fine using same fuel. The cost they wanted to repair equals buying another trimmer.... Read more

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I Ruenell Rudison have brought my stihl hand held blower back to Cowans ace hardware in Conyers Ga five times to get jerked around. I asked for and upgrade even offered to pay the difference but got rejected. Stihl customer service said they have discontinued this product but i was sold one in Sept 2015 can anyone help me Rue 678-608-6801 Thanks.Customer reviews have shown this product to be flawed and of low quality.I Have a small Landscape... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 06
  • #842817

I bought a new Stihl chainsaw hoping to get the best and I got the worst piece of *** chainsaw in the world don't buy Stihl products

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I had a serious problem with a new Stihl saw. It actually caught fire the first time I used it. It shot out flames internally after 15 minutes of use. Customer service at the dealer and company has been poor. The dealer had to check if this is "covered under warranty" as required by Stihl. So I left a written complaint about the saw at the Stihl website - no response. I tried to contact Stihl at their 800 number and was cut-off twice. I have... Read more

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Before the warranty expired the lawn mover quit starting ,called the Stihl customer service representative in my area to find the nearest service workshop ,who told me online purchases need to be serviced by dealer who sold me the item ,well that perticular dealer is nowhere to be found,he probably went out of business or dyed ,regarding a Company like Stihl one would think that warranty issues would be honored worldwide,and not a problem with... Read more

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Don't waste your money on STihl products because they do not stand by their warranties and if I can help it I will post this everywhere online so potential customers that's thinking about buying your products can know before what they are getting into, because I think your products aren't what they are hyped up to be. I tried everything to get them to solve my problem but they did not stand by their word. The company sucks and everyone will... Read more

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