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Before the warranty expired the lawn mover quit starting ,called the Stihl customer service representative in my area to find the nearest service workshop ,who told me online purchases need to be serviced by dealer who sold me the item ,well that perticular dealer is nowhere to be found,he probably went out of business or dyed ,regarding a Company like Stihl one would think that warranty issues would be honored worldwide,and not a problem with any service workshop as to where it was purchased. A footnote, it can become quiet expensive if one... Read more

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Don't waste your money on STihl products because they do not stand by their warranties and if I can help it I will post this everywhere online so potential customers that's thinking about buying your products can know before what they are getting into, because I think your products aren't what they are hyped up to be. I tried everything to get them to solve my problem but they did not stand by their word. The company sucks and everyone will know this about your products and warranties. Everything I am saying is true to fact with my own... Read more

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I have long been a customer of Stihl. They make a solid product. I admire their support of independent dealer vs. big box distribution strategy. The products are usually solid. I own several chain saws, two *** wackers, a leaf blower, and a shop vac.Recently I bought a replacement filter for the shop vac. It was, to my surprise, $49. I have been in the equipment business for quite a while. This filter is not high engineering. I feel less than satisfied with what I consider to be an exhorbitant price. Read more

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As a past Stihl dealer just before they changed the numbering system for over 15 years, I've found the product then was god , but the company was at the end *** heads ,, they screwed about 400 of us dealers . I had enough of them and told the president of the northeastern devision to pound sand ,, yeah we didn't see eye too eye ,, very poor company to dealer support if you were a dealer in a low sales aria ,, i was A jonsered dealer as well ,, a very good company , saw and ppl to work with ,, enough siad .. Read more

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Just bought a new sthil 291 chainsaw I flooded the engine and went to remove the spark plug. It was in so tight I'm surprised that they didn't strip the cylinder head installing it and when it finally broke loose my finger busted open against the saw. I'd like to have a few words with the gorilla that tightened it Add comment

An expensive stihl chainsaw 362 model stopped working before it's second gas fill up. Purchased January 5 2016. Stihl is not sending parts to dealer and not replacing chainsaw. I have owned other stihl chainsaws for years and they work fine, but seems when have problem stihl very unwilling to support its customers. A very expensive loss. The chainsaw smokes and does not idle. Dealer has run tests on machine but wants stihl to send parts. This is a very expensive chainsaw for me about $750 and very disappointing the two year warranty is not... Read more

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Stihl - MS251 chainsaw
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I live in Spain & purchaced my 3rd chaisaw 3 years ago after disappointing performance from the previous 2 non Stihl models I owned. I spent quite some time in the dealers making a decision & finally chose to opt for the most expensive model that was available in the shop at that time as I wanted reliability & enough power to cut the tough old trees I chop for personal fire wood use during the 4 coldest months. This model cost me 500€, which was considerably more than other makes were offering for the same, or greater size/power ratio. Within... Read more

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I bought this saw from a rental place in bowling green ohio.So that there tells you it was already broke in. I have had it now for at least 20 years.With a sharp chain fresh fuel new plug every year/clean filter you cant beat it.It does have 20'' bar and has cut many cords of wood over the years and more to come.Ihave put only 160.00 dollars in it over 20 when i walk into the shop its like looking at an old friend who is waiting to be fired up!!! Read more

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I bought the MS-250 chainsaw after reading what great saws STIHL makes...and the dealer recommended it as the best. What a bunch of hype. I bought the saw on Oct 27th 2015 and used it twice. I had to return it to the dealer because it broke. Apparently the oil release mechanism did not work properly. The saw was the hardest to start of any small engine I have ever owned. I am waiting for Stihl to tell the dealer to fix it or replace the worthless junk...if they do i will sell on EBAY or Craigslist for half what i paid for the over priced junk.... Read more

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  • Nov 15, 2015
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Ran good first year, then it stopped starting. Got it tuned up from the Stihl dealer, ran great then next day it won't start! Add comment

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