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Stihl - MS251 chainsaw
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I live in Spain & purchaced my 3rd chaisaw 3 years ago after disappointing performance from the previous 2 non Stihl models I owned. I spent quite some time in the dealers making a decision & finally chose to opt for the most expensive model that was available in the shop at that time as I wanted reliability & enough power to cut the tough old trees I chop for personal fire wood use during the 4... Read more

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I bought this saw from a rental place in bowling green ohio.So that there tells you it was already broke in. I have had it now for at least 20 years.With a sharp chain fresh fuel new plug every year/clean filter you cant beat it.It does have 20'' bar and has cut many cords of wood over the years and more to come.Ihave put only 160.00 dollars in it over 20 when i walk into the shop its... Read more

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I bought the MS-250 chainsaw after reading what great saws STIHL makes...and the dealer recommended it as the best. What a bunch of hype. I bought the saw on Oct 27th 2015 and used it twice. I had to return it to the dealer because it broke. Apparently the oil release mechanism did not work properly. The saw was the hardest to start of any small engine I have ever owned. I am waiting for Stihl to... Read more

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  • Nov 15, 2015
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Ran good first year, then it stopped starting. Got it tuned up from the Stihl dealer, ran great then next day it won't start! Add comment

The pull back handle to engage the clutch on my MS170 broke while still under warranty. Stihl and the dealer Finch Services would only cover the handle and soak me for the labor to repair this which is more than a new chain saw would cost. When I asked for the part to repair this myself they would not give it to me as their warranty requires any warranty part to be installed by an authorized... Read more

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Drove past your factory every time I want salmon fishing backup for your company purchase that Stihl chainsaw five minutes later Firewheel shared key way found out keyway permanent mold casting where to purchase new key stock find out Kiwi molding read inscription on flywheel it reads is salt intelligence then threaten purchase new flywheel with cast in keyway inferior high cost his company owned... Read more

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Surely you're joking. If you thought this was the way bars and chains were measured then you probably had no business handling a chainsaw to begin with. Stihl Pro and Husqvarna Pro are the go to saws. They have dedicated dealers not big box stores. Next time go buy a Poulan and see how long it lasts. I have a dozen Stihls from an 020t to an MS880 and every saw in between. Many of them are... Read more

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Stihl - TS800 Cracked Crankcase
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I am on my 2nd TS800 due the crankcase cracking behind the coil mounts. Both saws have cracked in the identical place. This appears to be a weak spot on this saw. When you have had 2 saws break in the same place there has to be a issue. I have had TS400 used them till they would not run anymore, nothing has ever broken. The repair cost is very high. This should never happen with a saw of this... Read more

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After 5 episodes of trying to start the 250 (following the manual instructions and watching internet videos), I took the chainsaw back to the dealer. He said all of the past complaints were due to gas flooding. He took the sparkplug out, sprayed carb cleaner on it, then dried it with high pressure air. Turned the chainsaw upside down (to drain the carb of gas) and pulled the rope starter 6 or... Read more

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There is One issue that ALL stihl dealers will NOT tell the Consumer prior to any stihl Purchase - ... a stihl Buyer will ALWAYS be at the mercy of the dealer AFTER purchase with EVERY aspect of ownership ... NO parts availability other than thru the dealer ... NO chance of even acquiring a simple stihl part number unless a trip to the dealer, and NO chance of doing even a simple repair on one's... Read more

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