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I bought a Stihl MM 55 and the attachment that I could use to de-thach my lawn. I was only able to de-thach my lawn with it twice.

Since then, whenever I tried to start it, it started but just reved up for a few seconds and died. I tried over and over and over again to start it but it would never keep running. It has been sitting in my garage just taking up space for years now. Totally useless.

I refuse to spend any money to get it fixed since it has only been used twice. Have never experienced a problem like this with any other product equipped with a 2-cycle engine.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I understand your frustration. I have a very similar machine and it has had the same problem as yours ever since I bought it some 10 years ago----once you get it started, it is difficult to keep running, etc.

These things really should be considered as toys as it has never been that good at what it is purported to do. In your case, there could be many things to consider since you say you have had it for years: old gas would be the first thing. I always use stabil or similar when I mix a gallon and keep the tank filled over the winter altho most manufacturers say to drain the tank. You might check the manual or online and see if you can adjust the carb.

You might want to try putting a carb cleaner into the gas tank and run it. Take some time and do a search online for problems not just with this machine but 2 cycle products in general. You will get more detailed tips and answers that way.

Good luck. Or, do like I did this spring----put out by the end of the drive and someone came along and took it.

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