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I live in Spain & purchaced my 3rd chaisaw 3 years ago after disappointing performance from the previous 2 non Stihl models I owned.I spent quite some time in the dealers making a decision & finally chose to opt for the most expensive model that was available in the shop at that time as I wanted reliability & enough power to cut the tough old trees I chop for personal fire wood use during the 4 coldest months.

This model cost me 500€, which was considerably more than other makes were offering for the same, or greater size/power ratio. Within the first year the "bobina" (I assume that this was the coil, though I am not certain as the Spanish dealer who explained the falult does not Speak english) failed & needed replacing which took about a month to get delivered & fitted. I cannot say that I have been overly impressed with the performance of this machine as although has been (till now) reliable, I feel that the power has been somewhat lacking at times. I have been very aware of always having a sharp chain, using Stihl oilmatic 2 stroke petrol oil at the correct ratio, & servicing the chainsaw whenever the chain was replaced.

I even purchased a Picoduro chain as some of the old Almond & olive I have to cut is very tough & bluntens normal chains quickly. I only use this machine once a week & for about 1-2hours at a time, however last weekend it stoped whilst I was in the middle of chopping wood & did not want to restart, so I took it to the Stihl dealers for a repair. When I went to enquire about the problem today I was horrified to be told that the cylinder & piston have somehow been scored & a piece of the piston is broken. The cost of this repair will be 300€!!

This is extortionate & after looking on ebay how much parts for stihl chainsaws are available from I noticed that even genuine Stihl parts are available brand new for much less than this, & if I were to use generic parts it is a fraction of the cost. You may say generic parts are not of the same quality. This may be true, but it is very hard to convince someone like myself that spending another 300€ on repairing a chainsaw that initially cost me double or more than of some of the other makes is a wise decision. I am of the belief that there are many occasions when spending more makes absolute sense, but in this case I am waiting to be convinced.

I am a builder by trade & value my tools highly.

This was not for professional use & I have taken great care not to abuse this machine as is invaluable for me to gather firewood to heat my home during the brief cold period where I live.There would be little to no use of this machine from April - November when it is stored in a clean & dry tool shed.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. The author is overall dissatisfied with Stihl and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about stihl chainsaw from Stihl was price of replacement parts Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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