I recently bought a new Stihl chain saw after damaging my old one (totally my fault.)I had my old one for 8 years and had no trouble at all.The new has a "toolless" caps on the gas and oil tanks which fold out for easy opening.

On the back side there are "knobs" which fit into 2 grooves if the cap is seated properly. No problem with the gas cap but the oil cap refuses to go into place.

The first time I put oil in it took about 20 minutes to get the cap on.

I am adding oil for the second time.I have spent 30 minutes and cannot get the cap to go into place.

I thought I would use the caps from my old saw but of course they are different sizes.

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Necedah, Wisconsin, United States #1183407

the only time i had trouble with the oil cap was when i filled the oil reserve too full and could not get it to close,after i spilled some of the oil out it went right in place.


I had the same problem refitting the oil cap on my MS 360.I phoned the serviceman and he said that I needed a new cap.

But, in checking back a couple years on this list I found the answer. The upper and lower portions of the cap had become out of sync. The answer is to hold the lower part of the cap while you turn the upper part counterclockwise until it clicks back into place. Then the problem is solved.

Don't be led to buy a new cap.

The fix is easy.Too bad it's needed at all.


The so called quick fit Stihl oil and gas caps suck.Fiddly and hard to use.

Give me a cheap chainsaw threaded cap any time.At least I know that they are fitting and won't leak or fall out.

Lower Saxony, Germany #941327

From Germany, I had this problem, you would think it is a one handed operation using the handle,not so!

Place the cap in the correct position lining up the tabs on the cap and tank, then press down with your left index finger, twist handle, voila! ..until I found this I was headed for the asylum!

Rochester, Minnesota, United States #698215

I agree with the irritated customer, the oil cap is nearly impossible to get on. I lose my religion every time I have to put it back on. If it took him only 20 minutes to put it on, he's doing good.


I have a stihl MS 250 from day one I have struggled to fit the oil cap like other people it drives me to distraction.I have a stihl hedgetrimer 30 years old and is as good as new.

I am so disapointed with this chainsaw i know its a minor problem but frustrating beyond belief.As I have moved countrys stihl don't want to know !

to mike thompstone staffordshire #646341

James is spot on.If you hold the bottom of the cap and turn the top counterclockwise it will click and unlock.

Then line it up correctly and it will tighten down.

Weird design but easy once you have the correct way to fix it.Thanks James




Thanks to s james (post 7) I was able to get the oil cap on by rotating the top counterclockwise. The local dealer didn't know what was wrong and didn't have a new one in stock. If you don't like your MS250 you should try my MS210, it never should have been made with so little power.

to Mikenh #1095702

I have a ms260 pro. And have the same bar oil cap prob. It's not working at all this sucks.

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