Contacted Retailer and they Stated that is was a common complaint but not under warranty, Contacted Stilh and they said that the dealer should explained that to only pull lightly and not to far because of the special gears etc. The main problem is that the pull rope is cheap.

The repair cost me $4 for the pulley rope and $37 for the repair.

So I had to spend $41 to repair a *** eater that I paid $300 for 2 months ago and have used it only 4 times.

Stihl would only give me an explanation of what they thought was the problem and said it was not covered under warranty. GREAT Made In America arrogance.

I should have purchased a ECHO product from Home Depot and simply could have traded for a new one if I had any problems.

Monetary Loss: $41.

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what model you got? if you have easy 2 start model maybe you are pulling too hard it is not designed to be cranked hard. recoil problem is almost always operator error.


Stihl usually will pay for recoil repairs if within the warranty period. Your dealer should be able to file for the warranty. I have never had any issues getting warrant paid on this repair.


I'm having the same problem. I had to replace my rope three times.

You are lucky. One place charge me over 100 dollars,

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