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FS90R Fuel problem

Suddenly not able to prime. Heard squeaking noise but no fuel entered primer bulb.

Changed fuel filter and both fuel lines. Then put in new carburetor. Still not able to prime and start machine. Air filter dry.

No leaking from tank. Replaced fuel cap.

Still will to prime. Any suggestions


did you take the carburetor off and take the fuel joint out of the tank?


Small Engine Motors

4 stroke and 2 stroke motors are likely made by the same manufacturer, but noise levels are different. I am looking for a leaf blower in the 32cc range. Where are the motors manufactured?


multi funtional tools information

hi can i'm interested in purchasing one of your multi funtional tools but can i choose which 4 tools i what and can i get more than 4


Wrong fluids in reservoirs

I put 1:50 fuel in oil tank and oil in fuel tank and cranked my nearly new MS170 a number of times before realizing error. I emptied both tanks and replaced with the correct fluids and attempted to start the saw to no avail What do I need to do?


New Chain saw will not start

I tried starting My new chain saw MS 291. It had never been started.

It ran for a second and then shut off. After trying repeatedly I gave up.

What do I do next? Jake


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