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My STIHL MS 390 chain saw, that I paid over $500 for, burned up after less than 50 hours or use. I followed all of the recommended maintenance procedures.

I had just put fresh gas and oil mix in it and it still burned up according to the shop mechanic. According to him the new EPA tolerances are to tight and combined with the alcohol in all gasoline this has become a common occurrence in all STIHL produces. He stated that STIHL refuses to stand by their produces so the customer is left with JUNK!

I was told that if you buy a STIHL chainsaw you will have a reliable chainsaw for life.

This is a LIE!

I recommend you buy the cheapest one you can find or one with at least a four year warranty.

Product or Service Mentioned: Stihl Chainsaw.

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If you can get a stihl started it works good!


Agreed that Stihl is JUNK. "Techs" lie about repairs to sell new tools and to collect on BS repairs. I caught them!!


You're right, new Stihl stuff is junk. I paid $1000 for a new Stihl441c and it only lasted me three months.

Took it to the shop that sold it to me and they blamed it on bad fuel. Saw never had a drop of ethanol fuel in it and only the best oil mix. So I shipped that piece and bought a Husky. Never looking back.

Just today, my low hour Stihl BR550 blew up on me. After a little research, Stihl had a bunch of problems with the crank bearings in these when they came out. Unfortunately, mine just now has seen enough use for it to show up so again I'm out.

No more Stihl anything for me. They used to make a quality saw, etc, but those days are long gone.


New Bosch replacement plug blocks the piston. Do I just start stacking up washers until the plug clears the cylinder?

Winchester, Virginia, United States #1281655

I agree. My Stihl was purchased new at (Millcreek Equipment) for $450 followed by another $150 in repairs.

It has yet to start for me and has never cut the first piece of wood.

When it returns from the shop this time it is going on Craigslist. I will never purchase another Stihl product they are pure junk!!!


It says no alchohol fuel in the manual dear fellow.

to Anonymous Roanoke, Virginia, United States #1147357

It actually says no ethanol gas mixtures greater than 10 % or E10.


Humboldt wood stove


Having owned both Stihl and Husqvarna saws in the past ranging from 10" - 48" all I can say is this:

- if you don't know the supplier personally or can go to see them easily... then buy Stihl or Husqy.

Customer service is better due to the size of their businesses. If you buy from a local dealer... then save yourself the money, guilt, anxiety or "oh dear god it got muddy!!!!" factors by buying a cheaper brand.

- I now use an Eastern brand of saw which some could consider "cheap" but have been rebuilt from the ground up with upgraded carbs, sparks, sprockets and starters by a UK business that offer excellent customer service. A pull start goes on my saws now...

which is a consumable part on any saw... and it costs me £8 to replace. Save the money in the saw and buy yourselves decent bars and chains: my bars cost £36 more than the equivalent Stihl or Husqy and last a dammn site longer.

- Look after the saws... go on a maintenance course and strip and rebuild your saws regularly.

I've done this and have had zero issues with my "cheap" saws for over 3 years of use working them 5-6 days a week.

- On a couple of... lets say less than perfect falls... I've crushed a saw and damaged another. Guess what?

I didn't promptly burst into tears and sell one of my kids because it wasn't a £400 - £1500 saw.

- Stihl and Husqy saws are great... build quality (on the older models particularly) was awesome. But... it's a motor spinning a chain.

That's it. Look after a cheaper saw, use it as it's meant to be used and within it's limits and it will outlive you. - On a recent side my side test with a mate... my 24" "cheap" saw outperformed his equivalent Stihl.


Sure his saw was bigger and more powerful... but I'm much better with a saw!

Duluth, Minnesota, United States #833719

Couldn't agree more. Everyone always seems to be blaming the gas with these stihl chainsaws yet my other small engines have no problem burning month old gas.


I didn't get 20 minutes running time, and smoked the power head the dealer/owner said I was using the wrong oil, not, then he said my gas was bad, I buy my gas from the station where my local school district fuels their vehicles, always fresh, I never buy more fuel than I use in a week, so Stihl is pure junk period...


I own a ms 390- 3 yrs old, a 031av-1976, and a 880-2yrs old, a 455 rancher-2yrs old, and a stihl arborist saw-3 yrs old. I own a tree buisness, and i never had a problem, all saws have over 200 hrs, the 76 has 1200 hrs.

I do usual maintnence, and never never had a problem, along with all the other arborist.loggers i know. granted there are lemons from the factory with anything, but poorly mixed gas, or leaning out the H screw, or bad gas will burn em out, so if you had one incident, dont go around saying stihls suck, because they dont, there saws have been around forever, not because they suck, but because there awesome.

So before you spread lies, learn how to maintain a saw first. then do your homework.

to Mike Duluth, Minnesota, United States #833720

It sounds like in order to own a working stihl you need to be a certified small engine mechanic and live across the street from a gas station to get the freshest gas possible.

to Mike #918433

The sthil sucks would rather run a husgavarna xp models rule the old sthil was good

to Mike #1451348

You are the one that is lying . Skihl is junk from the cheap plastic handle to the cheap parts that are made to break .

My MS361 pro was junk plain cheap junk . So I got a new saw that is not Skihl no problem 3 years now . No problem starting at all . Stop lying and saying that people do not mix gas right .

I have been using the same chain saw for 23 years it died from old age . That MS 361 cheap Junk lasted For what 4 cords of wood than next year 5 oak trees are down I had 5 oak trees down .MS 361 junk broke down. So I had to replaced it and it dam was not a Skihl junk . Also I know you are a dealership so stop the lying .

After all most people have been using chain saws and are not stupid . Around here you buy a saw and what to cut 6 plus cords a year for heat .

People want a saw that will last like the ones made in the 1970s to the 1990s .lookie lookie I got a Skihl . People do not buy a chain saw to look at and love it they buy it to work for them .


I have 2 pro stihl *** trimmers that are junk, that didn't make it to a 100 hours.

My husqvarna chainsaw still running strong over 14 years old. Husqvarna *** trimmer still running to be tested.


First off a MS 390 does not cost 500.00 second. I have over four different models of sthil chain saws.

One is the 390 and small one max bar length is 14 inches. used for minor use. the next one I own is the 290 chain saw for mid range work. and then I own two magnum 880's for Logging both have five foot bars on them.

I have owned Sthil's for over twenty years never had a problem. What this person did from reading is used a low grade of gas and most likely did not make the right mix.

to thebeeguy #1555321

I bring my Stihl in every year for its annual reboot. I use higher octane gas.

I am careful with fuel mixture. The fact is that my Stihl, unlike all my other equipment, two cycle or not, seldom starts in the spring and seldom works through the summer.

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