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I purchased a new MS170 chainsaw from an authorized dealer. By buying a six-pack of Stihl oil I got an additional year's warranty. Seemed like a good deal so I did it.

Just past the one year mark, when the original warranty expired, the chainsaw stopped working. It was running fine when I put it up and would not start the next time I tried to use it. I took it to an authorized repair service and they found that the rings on the piston had disintegrated.

Just in case you think I probably don't take care of my tools, I follow the owner's manual maintenance schedule just as it is written, and I get my chains sharpened when they aren't cutting well anymore.

The repair service contacted Stihl with my extended warranty information and Stihl said that "dirt got into the engine and ruined the piston". They refused to replace my chainsaw. Apparently anything that allows dirt into a Stihl chainsaw engine is the consumer's fault. Couldn't be Stihl's design that lets that happen, could it?

So, my advice is treat a Stihl chainsaw as a disposable tool. If it lasts a year, good for you. If it lasts longer, even better. If it lasts less than a year you can waste your time trying to get Stihl to honor their warranty, but my experience says they will not.

DO NOT BUY THEIR OIL FOR THE EXTENDED WARRANTY! Their warranty means nothing and the extended warranty is only a means of getting a few extra bucks profit from you when you buy their oil.

From now on I am buying a Poulan at Walmart and getting both the bar oil and engine oil there, too. When the saw stops working I will throw it on the recycling pile and go get another one at Walmart. Over the life of three saws I will save enough at Walmart to get a fourth one free. Stihl doesn't cut that much better than Poulan anyway.

Monetary Loss: $175.

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ya im haveing the same problem i got 3 of them and all went tits up, got a bigger one it only lasted 30 days they said the same thing on the warrenty, had a husky running the same gas had no problem with it , it out lasted 4 still saws, got it at lowes, lowes has a good warrenty it goes bad take it back and get anougher one, still saws suck, and so does the warrenty.


Having worked with Stihl at an authorized dealer for 7 years now i can say with out a doubt this is an isolated incident. The warranty work i do for Stihl has always been approved when the damage is deemed to be the fault of the manufacture.

this means that if you put dirty fuel in your saw that is not covered if you pull the recoil out unless i can find a reason why that happened based upon the design or failure of none wear parts it is not covered if you mix your fuel wrong the first day you buy the saw it is not covered.

The moral of the story is that if you run the fuel out of your saw before storing and make sure not to run with the chain break on, you can expect a good 5 years out of a low end Stihl saw a much better investment that a pulan that might cut one tree ... maybe but no one will fix your pulan where as i will fix your stihl until the cost to repair outweighs a new one

to stihlguy #1648758

I have a 170 I bought new summer 2017. All of a sudden real boggy no power.

I haven't taken it in yet to see what's going to happen.

But I did notice the air filter lets in alot of saw dust and or dirt. Has this been a problem?


That is the fault of the servicing dealer. They probably didn't want to bother with the warranty hassle.

Not all of us are like that.

I'd say that most of us go out of our way to make sure repairs are warranted. I'm sorry you had a bad experience.

Portsmouth, Ohio, United States #1250751

i had the exact same issue.my carburator coroded bacauseb of modern gas.1 year and 1 week.i would think a manufacturer could make thier carburater acxcomodate modern fuel longer than 1 year.its not like i can go back in time and but gas.because the warranty didnt cover repair now i have to pay 40 dollar bench fee to get my saw back. F*** STIHL FOREVER. DOUGLAS ASH CARROLLTON OHIO

Richmond, Texas, United States #1212477

I just purchased the 170, today.

Hope I didn't make a mistake.

Will keep records


You're all morons. The number one reason Stihl is nation wide the best brand.

Is their product last. My father had a old Stihl chainsaw 13+ years and my fs 45 is going on 8 years with no issues. Dirt gets in from the air filter our fuel tank. Nothing is perfect and things happen but you all wasted time to come online and vent.

So funny.

Also the one who can't find their customer service number. Its on your owner's manual and online.

Naples, New York, United States #887683

I agree with this. I bought an MS290 and got a 2-year warranty with some 2-stroke oil.

The saw wouldn't ever start and the dealer was useless. After 2 years and 3 months I took it to a different dealer who looked at the piston and declared the saw dead. This saw had less than 10 hours use - it would ever get to work.

The new dealer is trying to get Stihl to do a warranty exchange on it but I have little hope. It's a bad saw from, I suspect, a bad company.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #639006

I used STIHL trimmer 6 times. On the 7th use the pull cord came out of the engine.

Dealer had the nerve to tell me "you broke it and pulled it out therefore the warranty doesnt cover it." Did she just say what I thought she said? I broke it? WOW. My neighbor works for STIHL and now I know why he doesnt own one STIHL product.

After trying to contact STIHL via a phone number it cannot be found.

Hmmm I wonder why? Now we all now why.



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