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My name is Edward Melvin. (336)215-3771

I recently took 4 trimmers to Sedgefield outdoor equipment, an authorized Stihl dealer, for repair. I could have checked them out myself, but time restraints was killing that idea. After a week, they contacted me and stated that the engines in each trimmer had overheated and they all needed a "short block" among other issues. One of the trimmers, an FS 94, was practically new. I only had it for 6 weeks. The others were FS 100 and FS 90s.

I didn't really believe that because each trimmer had great compression. So I contacted the regional Stihl Office and spoke with Kevin Burcher. He stated that he had a Rep in the area, Mike Preddy, who would stop by and check out the trimmers. He stated that he would call me back as soon as he knows something.

After waiting a few days and not hearing anything, I contacted Keith at Sedgefield who stayed that the Stihl reps agree with him that the engines were totally shot on each trimmer.

I pick up my trimmers and began evaluating the FS 94 first. I could tell it wasn't getting sufficient fuel to the carburetor, so I cleaned the fuel filter and straighten the fuel line. It cranked up right away and has been running perfectly ever since! I then took the FS 100 apart. It was obvious that the exhaust port was clogged! It's running great! I haven't had a chance to check out the other two yet.

This is the issue. I've not just had a local Stihl tech to evaluate these trimmers, but also a Stihl Rep from the regional office. NEITHER OF OF THEM CHECKED THESE TRIMMERS OUT THOROUGHLY! They looked at them, took a couple of pictures, and told me they were shot!

I was under the impression that they were going to actually inspect the reason the trimmers wouldn't start, not take photos of the internal workings of the engine. Instead of looking for a solution to fix the problem, they were just looking for a problem and reason to have me purchase new trimmers!

I shutter to think how many other customers they have done this way!

Stihl is a household name as it relates to power equipment. I have been a loyal Stihl customer for over 25 years.bIbhave 4 Stihl blowers, 3 Stihl hedge trimmers, 2 Stihl chain saws and 8 Stihl trimmers. It ends now! I will never purchase, nor recommend the purchase of any Stihl products again. This is not because I feel you have a substandard product, but it's the lack of support from your support team. All they had to do was take the time and diagnose the reason the trimmer would start! Instead, they took one glance at a piston and said: "that's it!" Take a couple of photos and give them back to the customer.

I could care less if the were repaired under warranty or not.... I just needed them fix!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Unfortunately , most business's are operating the same way . One must be an expert in all fields these days . VW is a prime example


I sure hope you communicate this to the BBB. Persons like this need to lose their business.


Same thing has happened to me several times with these people!


Makes no sense punish the brand and not the dealer. At my local dealer they would have never done anything like that.

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