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This review is in regards to new Stihl Chain saw purchased 2 weeks ago. (Model MS-390) The saw is advertised as the number 1 chain saw in performance and value. Chain saw documentation was read, and recommended service procedures have been followed. (such as fueling mixtures, daily chain tensioning, and manufacturer recommended oils used. Usage has been medium duty at most.

The chainsaw appears to be underpowered, whereas it bogs down with relative ease, and has significant difficulty cutting through logs of around 10 inch diameter. In fairness, the power is advertised to increase after the first 15 chain tightenings. ( 7 tightenings, so far)

My most significant disappointment with the product is the non-robust operating, in particular, the extremely difficult start up. (after the saw has been run, and shut down for 5 minutes) It is almost impossible to start in the scenario.

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Sounds like something could be wrong when u say it bogs down.I have a ms390 with 25" bar and i have cut trees that use the entire bar and never bogged down.

I think it has plenty of power. But its always been hard to start. Usually six pulls.

Three with choke three without then it runs.My old stihl with a settable carb starts in two pulls everytime.


Just because you put candy crush down for an hour and bought a saw, doesn't mean you know how to run one.I suggest you either take it in and get it tuned (they need tweaked as they break in) or learn how to do it yourself.

You probably could have learned in half the time it took you to lip off it in this review board.

Eureka, Montana, United States #861371

The guy doesn't have a clue.I've ran stihl for 20 years they all start the same.

Choke them when there cold till they fire then back it off to half choke.If you shut it off for 5 minutes choke it again it will fire right up.


My 390 is a great saw!Ive had it for about 4 years and have never been disappointed!

i cut at least 30 cords with it a year and 4 feet wide trees.

i love it.great saw!!


OP i dont mean to sound condescending as i only recently learned about regular chains and "low kickback" chains. I have to ask are you using the former or latter?

My wife picked me up the low kickback kinds for months and then one day i went into tractor supply and bought a regular chain and i swear it was like night and day.

Just a thought.

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My MS390 runs excellently, cuts big rounds like butter, takes my abuse without making me pay, and starts every time (I have the easy starting version with the compression valve.) Once I used bad fuel and started hard until I changed it. But otherwise this saw is a champ.

If you really have a bad saw then you should go back to Stihl and ask for help. Their engineering tops any I have seen - including Husqvarna (not trying to start trouble, just pointing out that Stihl really thinks through use and maintenance issues.)

to Rolled #1035519


Gouverneur, New York, United States #642714

I have an MS-390 and I have to say she bucks!I have had this saw for 4 years and cut probably over 150 full cord of wood with it.

Now I will say that at first it did start hard.You can thank the carbon footprint freaks for that. The saws today are leaned out so much to meet standards that you have to have Arnolds arm to start them. My advice is to scrap the NGK plug that comes in it as well as the spark screen in the exhaust, Which are for city folk and California wild fire areas. "unless you must have it by law".

Of course this is after the break in period.

93 octane and Stihl oil.Your hardwoods will shake with fear!!!Trust me


I worked for a home builder for a few years and ran both the MS390 and the newer MS361, both with 20" bars (don't remember what chain) The 390 quit one summer just before i took over the job and at the time the 361 was the "best" they bought one that day.The next year I took over beam cutting and ran into problems with the 361 heating up (lean) and grabbed the 390 adjusted the car and ran it for the day.

Friday came, while cleaning them I hogged out the 390's muffler and retuned again, it became my saw, that 361 couldn't touch it...

Anyone else was instructed to use the 361.

The 390 is a great saw, always starts and runs, biggest thing is that they always seem to be tuned lean after coming back from the yearly visit to the shop.


I have a stihl ms391 which starts second pull when motor is cold but when i go to refuel it is impossible to start.any ideas?

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