Bought Stihl ms250 3 years ago to cut about a dozen small trees. Worked well for 3 years with moderate use.

The chain brake burned out and the chain is a boat anchor now and Stihl and the dealer couldn't care less. Gassed up the saw after 30 minutes use, fired it up and set it down as I turned to put gas can away and put my goggles and muffs on (a minute maybe?) and the thing started smoking and died. Brake or pull cord won't budge. Dealer told me I ran throttle full with brake on, which is hard to do when your hand isn't on the saw.

Don't cut a ton of wood but I am meticulous about proper saw care and use. Funny how a person not there can be so arrogant as to tell me exactly what happened and dig in his heels when I tell him he's wrong. So stihl and the4 dealer stand by their fantasy of what happened and that's it. Husqvarna here I come.

I may as well have bought a stinking Poulan for that experience, would probably have a running saw now and a few extra sheckles in my pocket.

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Elmira, New York, United States #1346021

I had the exact same experience. The only difference is that I only had the saw for about 2 weeks.

The dealer insisted that I was some kind of *** tearing into the throttle while I had the chain break on. Apparently it's impossible for the chain break to burn up without me being a complete and utter ***.


My ms 250 is one month old. Harder than wholly *** to start.

Dealer said don't leave the choke on for no more than 3 pulls. So I tried 3,2,1 and none. Also four pulls with choke on. Will not start.

Takes from 20 to 25 pulls to start.

What a piece of ***. I want my money back.

to Anonymous #1601704

yes it is real piece of *** . Bought an Echo. No problem.

Montrose, Colorado, United States #912261

I hear ya. I bought one in 2012 and had problems with the oilier took the saw in for repair and the dealer told me that Sthil was stingy with there oiler's and the fact that I had wore out the bar from overheating it in two years use cutting only about twelve cords of pine and pinyon.

was shunned off and I was told that all chainsaw bars get hot. after the warranty ran out I diagnosed the saw myself and found that a 99 cent o ring that seals the oil pump housing placed under the handle was leaking oil inside the clutch cover.

the oilier part number 1123-640-321.65 used with the 18" chain works fine with the stock .325/.063 chain now. I have heard bad stories before but it hurts when it happens to you.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #676769

I have a hard time on reviewing the cutting of the saw, considering it flooded every time i tried to start it. I have been runnng a Stihl O11 for 25 years and loved the saw.

When it finally died i bought a MS250. After having the dealer show me how to start it, I came home and read the directions just to make sure. Well it flooded on the first try, after taking out the spark plug and drying off, i tried 4 more time to start the saw with no luck. The next day I took it back to the dealer and he also could not get the saw running.

They replaced the plug and it started, the dealer told me i should carry 2 plugs, thats what he does. 2 weeks later i tried to start the saw and again nothing. Seems like this saw floods very easy. After sitting for 2 days the dealer had a hard time getting it started.

Luckly they gave me my money back. Love Stihl products, i just think the 250 needs some work, or I am just out of touch with the new technology.

to Woody Brevard, North Carolina, United States #916315

I'm having the same problem with my ms 250 floods very easily. My ms 250 is going to the pawn shop tomorrow, what good is it to have a name brand saw if you can't start it when you need it.

Northport, Alabama, United States #668446

I have the same Stihl MS 250 & love it. There is no better saw for non professional use anywhere close to the price.

I have owned mine for years as well so this is an experienced review. I was the GM at a Stihl dealership for 2 years and have seen first hand what the uninformed consumer can do to anything of the sort. Besides letting the carb get gummed up from stale gas or just general stupidity, we didn't have to work on that many at all. I also happened to be certified thru Stihl to work on there products.

At start-up the cold engine will turn a substantial amount more RPM's than when it does warmed up & off choke. You started your saw with the brake on & left it on before the engine had warmed up. You are the sole reason for it's demise uninformed consumer. I no longer have any affiliation or use for promoting Stihl products so this is completely unbiased.

Stihl has always valued its customers and stands behind there products.

I've seen it first hand regularly. That is why I will only use Stihl products for my outdoor power equipment.

to whosbender #1362571

Of course you are biased

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #602873

I've had my MS250 for 4 years... love it...cuts like crazy not a single problem. I do seem to like the Stihl brand chains instead of the Forrester chains.


Strange, I have had mine for six years and have abused the *** out of it. It did have an issue last fall, no power.

I guess from sitting full of fuel for a few months. A quick shot of carb cleaner and off we were.

I cut through a 20" maple tree last weekend with a dull chain on a 16" bar.. Still running great.


MS 250 total junk every time I get ready to use it have to take it to shop :about 4 times year I would get a husky if I could get rid of this *** !


I too bought a Stihl MS 250 chain saw, complete junk; won't start, had repaired twice; only lightly used. If fact, all of their products are junk - had trouble with their gas trimmers and blowers. STAY AWAY FROM STIHL


I used my MS250 twice. The second time it took 2 hours to start.

After I got it started the chain brake stopped functioning. The dealer gave me the same story about consumer error, the error is a faulty design.


Been a small engine mechanic for 35 years, seems like the owner AND the dealer were clueless here !

to mick fowler #590443
Too funny. So, you started the saw with the brake on, then put it down idling to warm up huh? That smoked the clutch, burned up the brake, probably overheated the seals too. Hmmm, happens almost every time someone does that. For some reason people think that's how you "break em in".

As soon as the saw starts, you MUST release the brake immediately. Failure to do so will cause damage. Many brand new very expensive saws have died that way. If you were polite, and admitted what you did, the dealer would (probably) take pity and work with you. If you came in blaming him or the product for your mistake, well not much reason to help you huh? :cry

Read the manual. Every saw comes with an operators manual. You must disengage the chain brake ASAP.

Without being rude, it was probably the best thing that could have happened for you. If you don't know how to start the saw, I doubt you know how to use one safely. Get some training. It could easily have cost you much more than a saw.
to Gr***Guerilla #618860

Great post,thoughtful, thorough and seemingly accurate. I agree with all you said!

to Gr***Guerilla Northport, Alabama, United States #668450

You are 100% correct with your comment. He burned the brake up & it was his fault. People don't understand that they must be completely informed & knowledgeable before they use any kind of product.

to whosbender Kyle, Texas, United States #835669

Okay somebody help me with this one. The ms 250 had no spark so I replaced the coil.

Now there is spark at the plug but it will not even pop. I made sure it was not flooded by letting it sit open for a week and then put. two drops of gas in the cylinder and screwed in the plug ( which ran great in another saw). Still not even a pop.

I don't get it I got gas, air, and spark but not one single pop. And no it is not the kill switch as again I have spark.


Sounds like it ran with a bad 50:1 mix to me. Or the intake may have sucked up some junk with a bad air filter, and the piston froze.

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